What is Bella Berry?

Bella Berry is an all natural beauty drink with everything you need
for gorgeously clear skin and a healthy body.

It is 100% natural – made with the best ingredients we can source, and no added sugar or nasties like preservatives and sweeteners.



Bella Berry is sourced, juiced and packed in the UK, with all natural ingredients

3 beautiful bottles


superfruit: pomegranate, blueberry, açai
summer fruit: raspberry, apple, pear
tropical: pineapple, lime, mint

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A whole host of vitamins, antioxidants, collagen and green tea extract proven to keep you beautiful, healthy and happy

How Does it Work?

Bella Berry might taste like a delicious juicy drink but really it’s a nutrient powerhouse. Our blend of goodness will give you energy, beautiful skin, and happiness.


Benefits skin, hair, nails, lips, joints & muscles

Vitamin C

Vital for collagen production


Benefits healthy hair & skin

Vitamin E

Helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes

Vitamin B: Biotin

Helps with normal psychological function

Vitamin B: Niacin

Helps keep you calm and clear headed

Vitamin B6

Releases energy from foods & helps with metabolism

Vitamin B: Pantothenic acid

Helps with healthy brain activity

Awards & Press

  • Best New Drink

    (Zenith International 2015)

  • Runner up Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

    (Drinkpreneur 2014)

  • “One to watch for sure.”


  • “Beauty beverage boom as Bella Berry causes stir”

    (Beverage Daily)

  • “I’ve seen something today that has real potential.”

    (Tesco buyer)

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